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Can't swap fishing spears


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Change your 1-2-3 keybinds to swap weapons instead like in CS:GO for example, 

Change abillity keybinds from 1-2-3 to q-e-r-f or whatever like in any MOBA

Equip a fishing spear -> Swap fishing spear -> Cry



Warframe can't handle keybinds apparently, if you do this you're supposed to swap spears/bait with 1-2-3 but you simply swap to a weapon instead, if you press q instead to swap spear which would be the expected keybind then you don't do anything. There is as far as I know no keybinds to rebind this. Really sad.

EDIT: You could say I should use default keybinds, but it's what I'm used to and I've played for a very long time with these controls, I don't think that's a good excuse to not have a working system for such a simple thing.

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