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Good Primary,Secondary and Melee? [NEW PLAYER]



So, I'm new to Warframe, my mastery rank is 4 and I currently run Nidus. (I can change frames but I like the Nidus currently)

I searched around for builds and such but obviously most of the mods and weapons I found I cannot use. Not only that, most builds are end game which I wish to accomplish but right now isn't my priority. Also going to my loadout and going to find weapons with the search bar doesn't help me out. For example I searched Ignis Wrath, and nothing popped up. This has been happening to a lot of the weapons I find on builds and I'm currently stuck with Braton. Another issue I find is my Melee. I run Atterax by recommendation but I don't see why it is highly regarded since I felt more comfortable with a sword, but who am I to judge, I don't know any other good weapons either.

You can suggest weapons that are above my mastery rank since they will be there unlike the ignis wrath plus other weapons :) I can work my way up to it but if suggestions of a substitute till I get it would be appreciated. I know Prime weapons are neat but I'm still confused on how to build them, find parts etc since I am a noob 

I'm also really confused about the 2 arcane things next to the mods... Don't know how to explain it. I don't have it yet which is why I'm questioning it and have no idea about them


Heres a example pic https://gyazo.com/6dcdd7aa6fd5299e90a880b460856544 the 2 things on the right..

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Atterax/Guandao/Orthos Prime

Cant find screenshots atm...Here are the builds I was using on my smurf (right at the beginning)


29 minutes ago, SilentEmber2 said:

I searched Ignis Wrath

Very strong. One of my Go-to weapons. It is MR9 locked though


29 minutes ago, SilentEmber2 said:

I run Atterax by recommendation but I don't see why it is highly regarded since I felt more comfortable with a sword,

If you don't like it, don't use it. Easy as that. Atterax as any whip is only viable with spin2win (Walk-Crouch-Melee) and a mostly fixed build

29 minutes ago, SilentEmber2 said:

but I'm still confused on how to build them,

I quote myself from my guide


These are the Mods you should focus on in the early game:

  • - Vitality (increases your Health)
    - Redirection (increases your Shield). As already mentioned in another part of the guide this mod helps, but isn't as good as you may think. Just use it if you have unused Capacity
    - Streamline (decreases your Energy costs) less spent energy = more abilites. This is good
    - Steel Fiber (increases your Armor). Since it is %-based it is more useful on frames which have Armor in the first place
    - Continuity (increases the Duration of abilities) Your abilites last longer which is for the most part a good thing



  • - Serration/Point Blank. Flat damage increase. We like!
    - Infected Clip/Contagious Spread. We need this element to create the overall strongest combination
    - Stormbringer/Charged Shell. Second part of the overall strongest element: Corrosive against Grinner or Tentacle Infested
    - Hellfire/Incendiary Coat. Use Fire in combination with Toxin to get Gas Damage against low Infested or Corpus
    - Split Chamber/Hell's Chamber/Vigilante Armaments. Gives our weapon Multishot for the same Ammo cost - good!



  • - Hornet Strike. Flat damage increase. 'Nuff said
    - Pathogen Rounds. Toxin. See above
    - Convulsion. Electric damage
    - Heated Charge. Heat damage
    - Barrel Diffusion/Lethal Torrent. Multishot for Pistols



  • - Pressure Point. Flat damage again
    - Reach. Increases Range to hit further
    - Fury. Let's attack you faster
    - Fever Strike. Toxin
    - Shocking Touch. Electric
    - Molten Impact. Heat

In general: Dmg > MultiShot > Elememtal Damage > Personal touch (Fire rate/Reload etc)

For Melee: Melee > Range > Speed (Berserker > P.Fury) > Combo Counter Duration > Elemental Damage or situational mods (maiming Strike/Condition Overload/Slash)

29 minutes ago, SilentEmber2 said:

You can suggest weapons


Rifle: Tenora MR10

Rifle/Beam: Ignis Wraith

Shotgun: Sobek (MR7), Arca Plasmor (MR10), Tigris Prime (MR14)

Sniper: Vectis Prime (MR14)

Secondary: Sicarus Prime (MR14), Staticor (MR10), S. Gammacor (MR7), Atomos (MR5)

Melee: Zaws/Atterax

29 minutes ago, SilentEmber2 said:

I'm also really confused about the 2 arcane things next to the mods

Like you said: they are Arcanes. You can equip 2 per Frame and they have different perks which activate through different things. The one in the picture (Energize) gives you and nearby allies +100 energy when picked up with a 40% chance. There a  lot of different ones


They are all dopped by the Eidolon Trio

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Welcome to the community Tenno.

First of all, the reason why Ignis Wraith and some other weapons doesn't show up in the store is because they're exclusive for events or some other ways like invasions. You can check how to obtain these weapons via Warframe wiki.

Here's the link. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/WARFRAME_Wiki

And here's some weapons I'd recommend to use for now: Boltor or Hek for primary, Kastanas or Talons for secondary since they have higher base damage and are silent, which helps you in sneaky missions, and Tipedo or Orthos for melee because pole weapons are just good, and I love Tipedo.

Last but not least, Arcanes grants special abilities to your equipments, which is similar to mods. They can be equipped/removed freely as well. Likely the only difference between mods and Arcanes except the slots, are the way to upgrade them. Arcanes requires you to use same ones to do so, while mods need Endo and credits. Arcanes for Warframes can be obtained by hunting Eidolons on Earth and the others can be exchanged with several syndicates' stands. For the kinds of Arcanes and what abilities they grant, check Warframe Wiki as well.


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Low MR weapons that will carry through the whol star chart are Hek for primary, Lex and Atomos (mr5) secondary, and guandao for melee (only accessible in a clan).  Broken War is a good sword that is a quest reward for 2nd Dream which already has a catalyst installed and comes with its own weapon slot. 

Atterax is only strong in slide attacks with good mods, namely Maiming Strike, which is not available to farm at the moment and is quite expensive. 

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1 hour ago, SilentEmber2 said:


Welcome Tenno!

Since Gnarls already broke down modding, I'm going to make a few suggestions for weapons:

Primary: Hek (shotgun) or Vectis (nonprimed sniper, it's available at MR2)

Secondary: Atomos (beam weapon)

Melee: Galatine (heavy blade MR3) since you're not a fan of the Atterax (I'm not either 🙂 )

All very good weapons starting out and will get you through the content during the beginning experience. I also HIGHLY recommend making best friends with the warframe wikia. It's jampacked with information and help. Always be careful of spoilers though!

Welcome to the community and if you have other questions, just reach out 😄 

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