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Two Cetus expansion ideas as well as minor changes.


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Good evening fellow Tennos,

In this post I would like to further talk about possible changes that can be implemented in Cetus in order to give area more depth as well as avoiding it to be totally abandon in favor of newer open-world maps like Fortuna. This topic will cover two new possible area that are the following : the caves under the plains and the sea surrounding the orokin tower. I think it is important to add a expansion to Cetus before moving to another open-world (or just after the next one).

As english isn't my first language I may be prone to grammatical error. However I will try to do my best to give you the most pleasant reading and overcoming my difficulties. Thank you for your understanding and for taking the time to read this suggestion. I wish you all a very good day.


Part 1, The caves :

Intro : Considering the amazing work DE has put into the caves of Orbis and the fact that the current plains have a lot of potential (the landscape is fairly flat and the area tinier than its Venus counterpart). I think the caves of Eidolon are like a inexploited gold mine. I also think that adding a few metters to each side of the plain should be good (like 200 max).

What can we explore ?

  1. New underground grineer outposts : 
    Like the special area in Orbis, we will be able to break in heavily defended grineer laboratory. These underground research facilities would be here to study orokin and sentient ruins as well as their influence on various animal/grineer life form. Vay Hek can also be leading special gouls experimentation programs in it, safely until now from the action of the Tennos.
                    The first facilities would lead to unexploited caves and unfinished digsites (I will go back to this point just a few paragraphs latter) while the second kind (gouls laboratory) won't. However inside the gouls experimentation sites we would be able to see how the grineers can manage to grow and "plant" new gouls at the surface of the plains.
  2. Natural caves, underground rivers and lakes, endemic fauna and flora : 
                    This is the obvious part of this expansion : the creation of a natural network of caves that are (not all of them) interconnected to each other. This could be the occasion for the developers to go wild and create impressive things. Maybe we can see things like the Cave of the crystals near the Naica mine in Mexico, underground fossilized forest (or a "forest" made from stalactites), or a giant lake like the one under the mine of the Moria in the Lord of the ring or even a abandoned Ostron mining site from before the grineer invasion (and giving even more location for the Gara questline). If we are crazy enought why not a flooded cave ?
                    As for the wildlife anything that come to the mind of DE and which fit the area can do : big worms, small bats-like creature (the far away evolution of a modern bat), some noctural fishes from above as well as new ones.

  3. Ancient orokin ruins :
                     Before the sentient brought ruins upon this world, orokin tower and other constructs were standing in the plain according to the lore of Gara's questline (and the  more obvious ruins scattered across the plains). One already existing ruin or cave can lead to such remains. How can we access it ? Maybe it should via a short quest in which we discover more about the mysterious Unum , the past of the plains and the quills. Or by using the operator to power the door (like in The War Within when the Tenno rediscover the Focus schools) . Or just by discovering the ruin and entering it like a normal cave. This could be the occasion to add a new orokin unit like a special humanoid robot that is still functional but not at a 100% of it original capacity, this unit would only be found inside the cave.
  4. Sentient altered environment : 
                     As the shard from the corpse of the Great Sentient changed the propreties the normal behaviour of the water above, who know what changes may have occured in a space cut from any external influence for possibly centuries ? These kind of caves were opened during grineer excavation projects when they arrived in the plains and while the entreance is monitored by ennemy forces, a skillful man can surely enter the area without being detected or without anyone remaining to tell about his feat...
                     The grineer would only be present at the entreance of these cave. Inside we would have a glimps about how sentient can influence their surrounding. We would be able to see slighly altered stone and water as well as strange plants. We could also be able to look at mutated life form that adapted to their new environment. A little hint of what we could see in the far way Tau system (and update).


What can we do ?

  1. Bounties :
                     The new area would be the perfect place to expand the bounty system. Be it by adding already existing bounties (like extermination, hacking a terminal and defending it or finding the secret crates that are in the area in a given amount of time) or new ones inspired from the Orbis ones (hacking a terminal without being detected inside a fiercely defended underground outpost or research lab, sabotage the reactor / research of a important facility and so on).
                     Both expansion would also be the perfect moment to rework the bounty system and making it a little like Orbis's system if it isn't done yet.

  2. Hunt :
                     While the grineer doesn't seems to destroy the environment of the plains yet, this doesn't mean they doesn't have any impact on the local business : because of this hostile presence, Master Teisonai can't do his job anymore and he may need the help of the Tenno to capture the animals of Eidolon in order to eat them. He may even be in contact with Bizz of Fortuna, because of the huge similitarities between their jobs, and make occasional reference to this character (and vice versa : Bizz making references to Teisonai).
                     Adding this feature to the plains can be a good idea as it seems that it is quite appreciated in Fortuna and can be the opportunity to add some variety into the wildlife of the plains. The reward would be the same : cute fluffy useless things to put into your ship / dojo.

    /!\ The idea below is taken from a previous discussion that I made some days prior. Nevertheless I am reposting part of it as I think it is still relevant to the subject.
  3. Random encounters :
                     Bounty may be quite repetitive at times and the more you play, the less we are impressed by what we are doing which lead to less overall enjoyement (I am not talking about boredom). Random encounters, correctly implemented, would bring something unique and rare objective to the player. In order to prevent making this a "bounty 2" we would need to have both quite a few encounters possible and a certain time between each of them (like 10 or 15 minutes minimum) as well as meaningfull rewards.  Here is a few example of what I mean by random encounters :

                    -While walking in the plains, a Ostron will sudenly yell in despear and begging someone not to take his goods away. Upon arriving we would see a Ostron caravan being looted by a grineer recoon squad. We would then have to defend the caravan against incoming grineer reinforcement. Succeeding would give a lot more reward than the average mission.

                    -Sometimes a lone Ostron will challenge you to a fishing competition. If you accept and win he will give you a unique decoration. (a photo of you with the fish that make you win / a spear for your orbiteur / a unique fish decoration that you can not obtain otherwise etc...)

                    -When a
     player is near a cave, he will encounter a group of miners that are looking for a special mineral. You will then be able to either trade with them or protect them while they are mining (because the drilling operation will likely draw hostile units sent to investigate.) In this case a decoration or standing can be earn.

                   -You may have to opportunity to assist Teisonai during a hunting session. He will ask for your time to help him track and capture a rare beast (or a rare variant of a already existing species). If you manage to do it you will then earn a special reward (lot of standing ? A statue of the beast for your orbiteur or whatever DE want to give if they go this way).

    As you can see we can add a lot of quest that will make the experience of the open world area a little bit more unique and give it a more "polished" effect. It will require some works, this is for sure, but it willl mainly be about how to make sure that each NPC follow the script they are supposed to follow (and well as the rewards). The gameplay mechanics is already here as well a most of the 3D models.

Ideas for new quests or improving the previous one:

  1. Quest for the gouls : In this quest we would be introduced to the menace of the gouls, the "new" biological weapon of Concelor Vay Hek. We would explore the grineer research labs as well as discovering some lore about it (Something a little different from what we can already know by farming the event affiliated to it).
  2. Deepening the quills's lore and a possible introduction to Unum : In this quest, we would be exploring the ancient orokin ruins and unveiling part of the mystery around the quills and the enigmatic Unum. This quest can either be a "normal" quest like the one of Mirage / Limbo or a prologue like the Chimera or Sacrifice one (But not "main" quest like the War Within or The Second dream because I don't think it is possible). This quest can be available once we reach a certain rank in the quills (like rank 3). Here is a example below :

                   -1) Onkko is warning us that a unknow signal as been detected below the ground in the plains and Unum is apparently worried about what the grineer may discover -> we are send to retrieve the artifact, kill the grineer mining recovery team dispatched near it and stole their data -> we found some old buried Sentient body parts (which suspiciously look like some kind of giant canon) and are asked to temporary seal the entreance by making a rockslide.
                   -2) Onkko is telling us that the Quills can't understand what it is. Thanks to a vision he then send us to a specific point of the plain and we discover the door leading to a old orokin ruin -> We take some video data from the rest of a ancient orokin terminal (that only the Tenno know how to use because only them can read the language and know how to operate the console) -> when we are about to leave, Vay Hek's troops show up and he tell us that we will pay for what we have done to his digsite, we kill all his men and go back to Onkko.
                   -3) Thanks to a special instrument sent by Unum, the quills are able to see the data, which are revealed to be a video trace of the orokin tower who was standing in the plains long ago and which is under attack by a massive Sentient life form (like the one we can see in the craters across the semi open-world). In this video we can the the sentient(s) using its weapon which are ineffective thanks to the power shield protecting the tower until the massive weapon discovered previously is fired, destroying the shield and allowing the alien life form to bring doom to the tower (the transmition then cut). Other quills would also be present during the visualisation (to give the impression of importance as well as confirming that onkko isn't the sole member of this secret order)

                   -4)Onkko is telling us that we can not allow grineer forces to lay their hand on such weapon for it would mean the end of the Ostron community as well as seing a fully functional Orokin tower fall into their hands -> we are asked to put a dispositif (bombs) made by a syndicate / Vox Solaris in different place of the canon and destroy it -> mobile defense mission followed by a run for our life to the exit of the cave as the timer or the bombs are ticking.
                   -5)Onkko is telling us that Unum is grateful that we have save everyone and maybe even the solar system and would like to thanks us in person. We would then be transported 
    to a special room in which quills are standing in some kind of military/religious posture (not a lot : maybe 4). Unum would be standing, hidden behind a wall of silk (so we can't see her face yet) and would talk to us (with her mouth, through a quill or via telepatic link) to thank us for all the good deeds we have made for the ostron community and herfself. It can even be hinted (I don't know how) that Unum is some kind of psychic from the Orokin era (See the story available in the Cephalon Simaris when you complete all synthesis regarding the ancient normally in which we discover that some citizen under the orokin empire had unique power [in this case healing power similar to Vazarin)).

                   -Please note that the cave would still be available after the quest : much like the silver grow of Titania which is still here but can't do any interaction with the player after the quest ended. I also think that by not revealing the face or even shape of Unum while still giving very few info about it but allowing the player to see just a fraction more of what the quills are deepen the lore as well as mystery behind these enigmatic peoples.

Part 2, the sea :
Intro : This part was inspired from a mix of Shadow of the Colossus, Waterworld, Zelda phantom hourglass and the speed freak's Orks from warhammer 40K (and obviously warframe itself). This expansion would be the perfect occasion to further develop the Ostron community with new NPC, creating a new customizable vehicle : boats, as well as introducing a new sentient boss, grineers offshore military and mining bases and finally new grineer units.

How should it be introduced ? General background and the quest.

  1. History behind it : 
                  Cetus is village located in a very convenient geographic area : they are protected by Orokin shield, have access to a ground rich in minerals and possess a incredibly easy access to what is a treasure for any country across the ages : the sea. Furthemore fishes give plenty of standing which seems logical because from what we can see and hear from Hay-Luk. We can deduce that the fishing industry is pretty important for the Ostron because it serves to substain the community.
                  However we don't see any Ostron ships or sailor. This can be explain by the following : since the coming of the Grineer and their blockade, the Ostron lost a huge part of their fleet as well as their right to exploit the sea. The blockade wouldn't be only on land but also on the water : grineer ships would be patrolling around the force field, making sure that no Ostron would sneak, floating military platforms would be constructed to further enhance the fire power directed against the Ostron and a net would be deployed around the Orokin shield to forbid any fishes to go into Cetus and assuring a slow starvation for the inhabitant.
  2. The quest :
    This would be the situation before the Tenno arrived. With each standing rank passed with the Ostron community, the player would see new 3D model appear (rank 0 : the wreckage of a lone forgotten boat. rank 1 : a group of sailor constructing a boat. rank 2 : the boat is finished and we can even see another one fishing inside the safe zone.) and upon hitting a certain rank (3 in my mind) we would then have access to a new quest ending with a new area. Here is a example of a possible quest :
                    -1) The quest is given to us by a new NPC (a Ostron captain) as stated before. He is telling us that now that the Tenno are giving a headache to the forces on the ground, maybe we can help him partially break the naval blockade and allow the Ostron to regain part of their former glory. -> He give us a new  primitive  boat specially constructed for us (small, fast and with a mobile turret that will serve as our weapon) and we are asked to destroy a crucial building in the net that if destroyed will destroy the entire system. -> We will have to destroy 3 small tower that are protected by few grineer ships (the tower would have weak points like a in a fomorian reactor. Not the same but the same idea).
                    -2)One the net destroyed you will have to go back to Cetus and the captain will give you a new directive : go to one of the griner floating platform and hack a terminal in order to jam the canon of the base -> this will be followed by a quick defense until the console is fully hacked.
                    -3)Finally we will have to face part of the naval grineer force in order to fully break the blockade -> extermination mision in our boat in a area against a combined fleet of fast and light jet-ski, slow and heavy artillery and finally air support (Daryng / Ogma and even 1 new monoplace-grineer glider or something like that).
                    -4)The captain would reward us for our help and making the Ostron selfsuficient once again and we would then unlock sea bounties (available from the captain) and ship customisation (thanks to a carpenter that will sell you boats parts like a zaw, a K-drive or a Kitgun).

What can we explore ?

  1. New grineer floating platforms, offshore mining operation and underwater laboratory :
                    This new area would be the opportunity to add offshore grineer building as well as floating military outpost (be it a massive ship that doesn't move or a construct that lie on top of a concrete base like some artificial island are made around the world). If the construction isn't based on a small island, it would be made on top of floating deck/pillars anchored to the ground of the ocean like real ones are.
                    We could also be able to explore a underwater grineer research facility like the ones that can be found on Uranus but this time under command of Concelor Vay Hek or one of its underline.

  2. Aquatic wildlife and caves :
                    With the new expansion we would be able to go under water with our archwing, explore the local flora and fauna as well as encounter small grineer squads (the already existing ones if DE doesn't have the time to add more or new units combined with old ones if they can : like a  mini-submarine that serves as troops transport. As for the wildlife we could see evolved specimens from real life species (creepy but not so hostile moray, beautifull but deadly jellyfish, phosphorescent life form as well as normal fishes from the plains).
                    Any open-world that deserve its name need to have some caves.

  3. Ancient orokin ruins and ship graveyard :
                    The orokins ruins make sense given the history of the land. This would add a layer of something to the area and give a explanation (among other) to why the grineer builded a laboratory here. The ship graveyard make sense if we take into account that the Grineer have made a naval blockade against the Ostron and more so if we think about previous era when normal accident may have happen . I don't have any idea about this part so I willl leave it as it is but I think skipping it would leave a blank that need to be fill : the solar system is  full of mystery and each map need a layer of it as well as details that tell about the story of the inhabitant / what important event may have happened here without the need of a narative.

What can we do ?

  1. Bounties and random encounters :
                    This area would be a perfect place for many missions (with the same core goal as already existing ones because they are so diversified that we can pretty much adapt them to any bounty in any given planet) such as destroying part of the grineer fleet, stealing key data from the laboratory and then destroying the terminal, save a Ostron from a jail / a moving grineer transport troops ship (when the ship is sinking the target would spawn in the water and we will have a few second to retrieve him and take him aboard our ship in safety) and many more.
                    I am talking again about random encounter in case some of you didn't read the first part about the caves or forgot about this section. This is a copy of the first paragraph (without any examples) : Bounty may be quite repetitive at times and the more you play, the less we are impressed by what we are doing which lead to less overall enjoyement (I am not talking about boredom). Random encounters, correctly implemented, would bring something unique and rare objective to the player. In order to prevent making this a "bounty 2" we would need to have both quite a few encounters possible and a certain time between each of them (like 10 or 15 minutes minimum) as well as meaningfull rewards.
  2. Fishing and mining :
                    This would be the same idea as its earth counterpart but with special fishes and minerals mixed with it in order to give some consistency between the plains and the ocean as well as giving to each of them unique features (like the lake fishes that we won't see in the salt water as well as terrestrial creatures).
  3. Races and improved interactions with the grineer empire :
                    It is common knowledge that the grineer suffer from cloning degeneration. Some include excessively agressive behavior, a disposition to disobey orders and so on... However sometimes it can lead to curious talents that are greatly appreciated by the Grineer High Command. One such mutation is a addiction to speed and violence which lead to extremely skilled fighter pilots. This mix lead to dangerous and often suicidal actions for the subject but until their dead, they remain unmatched among their peers.
                    How will this work with the player ? Sometimes a hothead will challenge the Tenno to a death race (not always a death race but always dengerous) and if accepted, he will then have to go to a specific point on the map while dodging bullets coming from defense position, avoid mines and destroy foreigns forces that are not aware of the race and have only a single goal in mind : to kill you (to them you will look like you are giving chase to one of their comrad).
                    If you successfully finish the race without killing your opponent as well as making it to the finish line before him, he will reward you and then leave. The reward can be special ship pieces or mods that are improving your speed in sea or special blueprints for your boat (strange non-approved by the commander grineer guns and special ship armor).

                    To me this is kind of a special smuggler, a smuggler of speed.  This can even be the opportunity to add a special PNJ which is siding with the grineer but is friendly toward the Tenno.


New hostile units.

With this expansion may come a few new grineer units. Please note that in my mind underwater fight is a separate fight from the one above the sea : I think making submarines and diving grineer attacking the ship / tenno when he is in his boat would be extremly complex as well as making the fights impossible. These units would be here with the already existing units : Daryng, Ogma, Flying transport ships and other... Here is a short description of what we could expect to see :

  1. Small speed oriented, combat jet-ski : This kind of vehicle would only allow for 1 operator. It would be speed oriented with a mounted light weapon that fire only in a straight line. They would be the scout or small hunter of a fleet. I had in mind the vehicle we could see in Star Wars 6 (I think ?) when the troopers as fighting in the forest. When they are in low health, they would attempt a suicide attack that deal massive damage.

  2. Medium mobile hunter platform : These boats would be comprised of a turret that can turn in 360° with its gunner, a pilot and a third marine that would be here to fire with its weapon (not very effective) at the Tenno's boat and taking the place of one of the crew member in case he is killed. This would be slower than the first ship but would also hitting harder thanks to its mounted heavy weapon.
  3. Heavy cruiser : This battle ship, a lot bigger that the previous ones as well as being the slowest, would be the hardest to kill and survive. He would spawn only when the grineer are in high alert and would be like a mini boss surrounded by its minions (the smaller boats). It would have artillery canon as well as mobile turrets that we could destroy to reduce the threat it pose.
  4. Transport vehicles : These vehicles would be of medium speed, with almost non existent fire power, but would contain dizain of reinforcement. They would be used to land troops on a island / military base / offshore platform where a tenno is.
  5. Mini-submarines : This special vehicle would spawn under water and would give chase to the Tenno as well as taking fresh troops to the battlefield.

You are talking a lot about customizable boat.


                Yes. I think to bring a new gameplay into the game as well as even customizable things, we could apply the same system as the K-drive, the Zaw or the Kitguns but to a boat : A small one-person ship with a turret that have a slope angle depending of the model you have (and creating some strategy because of it : a hard hitting weapon that can only fire in a 90° angle max starting from the front ? Or a less powerfull but 360° turret ?).
                This boat would be comprised of 4 parts : 3 for the ship itself and 1 for the turret. (This system can be improved). The new NPC, the carpenter, would allow us to build our boat.

New boss.

  1. What kind of boss ? 
                    Each open-world area have its own unique boss. Eidolon's plains have the giant Eidolons. Orbis valey got the impressive Orbs. I think this expansion should add a new one with a special something at the end. I present to you the sea monster born from a shard of the Great sentient (or another old sentient life form) that have evolved to survive into the water of earth : a Huge Worms like sentient boss that awaken at night. And here came my inspiration from Shadow of the Colossus.
  2. How do we fight it ?
                    I don't know yet but given the environment we are in the boss should have 2 (3) phases :

-1) At first we would have to weaken it with a special weapon given to us by Onkko when we are in our boat (maybe destroy its shields by destroy some wierd antenna / spikes across his body ?). Huge waves and high powered lighting would be send crashing against us while the creature is moving like a giant serpent, reguraly emerging to fight us.

-2) When weakened (shield down for good and some damage taken) we would have to take the fight under water with our archwing and archwings weapons.

-3) When finally the beast is exhausted (hp depleted) the body would then float to the surface of the sean, its primary core exposed to the sky. Onkko would then tell us to strike its hearth and we would use our warframe to climb the massive serpentic alien and strike with our melee weapon. A intense QTE where the beast would drag the Tenno who made to move across the sea, trying to get it off of him (kinda like a interactive cinematic where the other players can  watch a beautiful creature making jumps douzain of meters above the sea for a short time before finally sinking to the bottom of the abyss.

I will shortly be starting 2 other topics about idea of quests and open world (I don't have another clone of Cetus / Fortuna in my mind but one with its own features, expansion of the lore of the Great Plague and deepening the world of the grineer. I won't say more for now.)

If you have any questions or want to post your own suggestions, feel free to do it. I will try to answer them as best as I can. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this topic.
Have a good day

Yours faithfully, R138Y, a random Volt fan. May the Holly voice of the Red Veil Paladino bless your path.

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I made a mistake while writing the topic and didn't finished writing it when it was published
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Here is additional links to other similar posts that are talking about expansion or event that can be added to PoE.


In this subject, the post n°260 is talking about a sea expansion (page 11 for those  who don't see the direct link). By Unus :



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My own personnal ideas about some changes that can be made for the open-world area, including new events and the first attempt to write about these expansion :






I will try to update this comment with other suggestion from other player in order to not forget what they have done.


Thank you  for your understanding and have a great day.

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The pevious post wasn't relevant anymore and has been changed in favor of a sub-part that I wanted to add to the main subject.
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