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Missing a Rhino Warframe?


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Hey,  everyone. First time posting here. I reinstalled Warframe and played it today, but when i logged back in, my Rhino frame wasn't in my arsenal. 

For context, I'm not the biggest Warframe player. The last time I played was back in June, which was when I decided to get help from a buddy to farm for Rhino parts. After getting all the Rhino parts, I finally managed to craft Rhino, but it took 72 hours, and during that time, I uninstalled.

Now, after I've come back, Rhino isn't there! The only frames I have is Excalibur and the Twitch Prime stuff they're giving out at the moment of writing. Where did Rhino go? I would assume that Frames that are being crafted stay in the Arsenal.

If anyone can help me out here, that'd be great. And no, I'm not a super hardcore Warframe player, I just play occasionally, so I don't have EVERY Frame.

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