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Frost Augment mods missing


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Dunno in what section to file this, but all my frost augment mods have vanished (New Loka, Perrin Sequence and Red Veil are my factions).
Are there other mods missing? I don't know. Why did they dissapear? I don't know. They're still available with the other factions I am hated with. Do I need to re-buy the mods from other players or is this a bug?



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Check to see if your mods are displaying pve only. Some augments are pvp+pve and they may not show up if you have pve mods only. I think you have an option to press r3 (ps4) to change how they are displayed.

try that.

another thing though, where are you looking for them? On the mods console, your arsenal, syndicates console? Depending on the location you may have a few ways to try and fix it. 

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Asking for clarification.
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