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why cant i post in the right place?

(XBOX)orange tree god

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i play warframe on xbox one and have 1700 hours loged right now but for some reason when i come to the forums i cant post on the xbox forums only the pc side yet i have never even played on pc

please can i have some help fixing this


the post i wanted to put on the xbox one bugs side of the forum:

corrupted debuff stacking

so i may have been playing some derelict and noticed that once you have used your key and get the corrupted mod the debuff will re-apply every time you go into your operator. i recall playing nezah at the time i found this and having the decaying key on this left me with 37 shield and 10 health. there is no way this is how the debuff was intended to act and beleave it may be linked to how the power donation bug had worked previously



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