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Vent kid standing bug


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I just noticed something about the vent kids that I don't see anyone talking about
for my case ill give an example my daily standing is 17000, I had 10,000 standing left in the vent kids on the day so I went out in the one the orb I got my standing on the planes for a while I got back I was ready to rank up so I did. but after I did I had not daily standing left. now today I was close to the cap by 2000 so I thought to test it I went out on the orb and got a modest amount of standing I come back it says I got 2000 standing but 2,669 was missing from  my daily standing so I wanted to report the bug
I didn't see a place to report about syndicates but since I'm guessing its a problem with orb I'm going to put it here




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