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Aerial bullet jump input issue


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Lately I've been noticing a strange issue with my bullet jumps when performed in the air, where sometimes they just won't trigger, and I'll do a normal jump instead. I've figured out how to reproduce it:

  1. Be in the air (e.g. wall jump off a wall).
  2. Press and hold the Crouch button.
  3. Press any movement direction (e.g. W, S, A, or D).
  4. Press the Jump button.

Expected result: a bullet jump will occur, due to jumping while crouching.

Actual result: a regular double-jump is performed.

If you skip Step 3, the bullet jump will be performed as expected.

Maybe I'm just going crazy, but I'm 99% sure it didn't function like this before. I never had problems bullet jumping in the air before, until just recently. So I'm assuming that this was a bug introduced sometime. It seems like pressing a movement direction cancels out the "crouch" in the air.

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