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add more loading screens, and sound effects to all gamescreens, and visual aides.


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i play on playstation so everything is very linear until the loading screen with the tabs comes up, but its just old patchnotes, i think it would be good to have some community art and other features, advertisements, soda, and gameplay as well as screenshots for players to replace the boring loading screens and pre-launcher options.

*the playstation warframe game icon is static, the playstation 3 had animations gif, and a powerful movie background, the playstation 4 has static loading screen and boring items on the homescreen, nothing looks impresive right now the best thing to do is add some special sound effects and launcher animations, loading screens and controller effects, there could be some vibration and other lighting effective enough to keep players awake during the game with all the notifications and game options, pause screens, and transitions, since the game console has enough tools such as bluetooth, and speakers, we can make up some peripherals for the notifications in the style of the lotus that doesnt use the tv or controller like alexa, but for warframe, through put, and give the controllers some special peripjherals in the future.

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