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ESO Crash During Conduit


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During an ESO run, on wave 4, the host leaves so host migration kicks in, (inevitable bugs incoming) the wave finishes and the conduit materializes with the screen locking up.  Client seems to have frozen and the only way out is force-close the client - i.e. lose all progress.  I've witnessed other people commenting on this exact same bug under the exact same circumstances, and I haven't noticed a response or anything that doesn't allude to the fact that you basically just have to go ahead and abort mission anytime a host migrates in ESO...  I know this is probably the 1,000,000th mention of host migration issues causing client crashes/loss of progress, but I figured I'd still address it.  For Warframe to truly be a masterpiece, we really just need to ditch the P2P model and its inherent issues on a large-scale.  Sure, it's great for a startup with no capital for dedicated servers, but, for this game to truly flourish, it's time we stop relying on other players' connections and ditch attempting to polish the turd that is the P2P model. 

The screen lockup during conduit materialization:  


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