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Another Garuda Feedback Thread


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Now that I finally have Garuda and formaed her some I guess I'll provide some feedback. It seems like there should have just been a Garuda sticky in the warframe feedback forum like there is for every other frame rather than a separate forum... but since there's not I'll just throw another random thread in. 

In general I think you should speed up her baseline cast/channel times. I say this probably for at least half the new frames when they add them, but it's because slow abilities feel awkward in a fast paced game. For her it's even more true since she can potentially combo her 4 + 1. You may also frequently cast her 3 depending on your build. If you're going to try to kill things by comboing her 4 and 1 and it takes so long to pull off that you might as well have just shot them or meme striked them all, it isn't going to feel like as impressive of a combo as it could. 

I feel like the execute on her 1 could have just been a finisher attack that scales with her weapon. There are several ways to open up enemies to finisher attacks already, so I don't think it would have been overpowered. This isn't a game where enemies die so slowly that you'd want to wittle most enemies down to 35% and then hit your 1. 99% of the time an enemy that's already that low on health will die to a gunshot or melee or something, so it doesn't feel remotely special or impressive to use the ability to execute at that health, especially given again that there are several abilities that allow you to do a finisher on a target at 100% and one shot at least typical trash enemies from 100%. If it counted as a finisher it could also be used to proc finisher arcanes. 

I do wish the range on her 2 was wider as others have mentioned. Maybe an interesting change to her 2 could be that any time an enemy dies in the radius of her 2, the radius of her 2 expands by 1m baseline, up to a maximum of 15 (modified by range still). That way you could leave the base range alone but add a neat mechanic where the 2 absorbs the blood of other enemies and expands. It could maybe also add a few seconds of duration each time up to the max as well so you could keep these blood altars up longer and make them larger by feeding them more enemies. It seems like some kind of interaction with enemies dying nearby would fit into the theme of a blood altar. 

I like the concept of her 3. I assume most of the people asking to get rid of it have arcane energize or something and don't realize what energy is like without it. Adding some minor interaction with another ability might make it a little more interesting though. IE: if you cast her 3 while in the radius of her 2 it could either act like an enemy had died in it and proc the suggestion for her 2 above, or possibly apply some buff to allies in the blood altars radius.

I think the concept of her 4 is fine, but it feels kind of slow. I think I'd like it better if it just constantly pelted enemies in your LoS with talons as long as you held it down. That wouldn't necessarily make her 4+1 combo any different as you'd still just want to quickly mark them with her 4 and then use her 1 for damage, but if you're trying to mark enemies as a debuff for your allies rather than just doing a combo yourself, it would make it a lot more convenient. It would allow you to mark enemies in a wider area without repeatedly turning slowly and re-casting a dozen times. I don't think that would be too Mesa-ish as it would be more about the marking than doing a ton of damage from the ability itself. Talons do some damage, but the primary purpose seems to be the marking mechanic to combine with other weapons or abilities. I don't think it would become a hold 4 to win ability in anything but really low level content as the damage it does by itself isn't that high. 


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Just to add, after doing some high level bounties with her, I feel like she should gain CC resistance or something the lower her health goes in addition to more damage. At 2HP she should just be immune to CC, including quick thinking stagger. Even just with level 40-60 enemies you get staggered by quick thinking frequently, even using her shield and adaptation. 

I'd also say that maybe blood altar should have a minor DR effect added to it where X% of your damage is redirected to the altar target when in range of it. She feels kind of squishy even using her 1 + quick thinking + adaptation + primed flow. You really shouldn't have to use a high armor mod and take up 3 slots just with survival mods to feel good at mid-high level ranges or use high level arcanes. 

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