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Can't login in-game, even though I can login to WF website/mobile app with same credentials normally.


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The game got very laggy yesterday and I couldn't access the star chart to start missons (it says "Failed to make session" or something like that), I closed the game, restarted it but now I can't login in-game. 

It always says "Login failed. Check your info", even though the credentials were right and I can login to website/forum and the mobile app normally. So I tried changing my password, 3 times, still get that error message and can't login.

I tried verifying cache, reloading Warframe, Steam, then restarting my PC and router, nothing works. I uninstalled and reinstalled Warframe, still not fixed. Anyone having same trouble/know how to resolve this?

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So how many Player got this thing i just got it GMT+8 9am and my friend account that i need 2 open 4 Daily wont login as well
last night 9pm to 11pm im all fine but now idk wtf just happen (WFApp on Google can still login but that daily i need before im going else where)

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HYPERGOGETA at least you aint alone bro. Its happening to me too.

These are the things I tried and miserably failed at:

1. Verify download cache and Optimise download cache.

2. Restart PC. Restart Router.

3.Copy and paste Mail ID . Copy and paste Password.

4. Start game as administrator.

5. Disable firewall.

6.Disable antivirus.

7. Redownloaded the game. Reverified. Reoptimised.

No other options left. DE couldnt care less. They gave us a forum to talk about it, sure....but where are the solutions?


Whats the use of new frames, open environments , when I cant even login. Sad,DE. Sad. Just when I invested in plats to support you as a returning player.

You may have created a miracle here, DE. But your Services, like your devstreams ...are lame.

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This is SAD...

[DE]Nero (WARFRAME Support)

Nov 21, 04:03 EST

Unfortunately this is a part of the IP protection that is enabled for the Warframe Servers and is a completely automated system. All of these bans are temporary, but Support does not have a means of sharing how long these bans can be, or removing them manually. In the mean time, using a fast and reliable VPN for your area can be a temporary fix until the ban is lifted from your IP. We would suggest trying once each day to login to Warframe so that you know when the ban has been lifted.

Unfortunately aside from that the only other thing i can suggest at this point is asking your ISP for an IPv6 connection if you haven't gotten one already. These issues are sometimes caused by IPv4 connections and changing your connection type could fix the issue.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Sorry that we can't be of more help in this situation

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2 hours ago, HYPERGOGETA said:

Day 3: Got a new update yet can't login...

How many days will it take DE to fix it ?

In my opinion what they do is: They randomly(I hope) ban access to their servers because they are at their max capacity ,usually when update comes out so others can play without any connection problems.

So my wild guess here is that we will be able to log in when number of online players goes down.

I really believe this is the story here and wouldn't trust DE's announcements which will probably say its happening because your isp,configuration or anything like that.

I play this game for 3,5 years,have 3k playing time and I can say that something like this has NEVER happened before.With every big update you maybe lost connection,couldn't log in but less than 24h,but no ones ip got banned for whatever reason.

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I have this problem but with the mobile app cant login unless i use vpn or swith to mobile data havent played the game since awhile but thought of going back i havent tried logging into the game yet just the mobile app and the app was working normally 

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