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Make operators great my take on focus rework (yeah it just needs another)


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Operators are in a good place right now, but the grind for focus and lack of meaningful abilities other than zenurik and naramon schools (and madurai vs eidolons) makes it tedious to rank skills that just increase some stats that are worthless anyway without proper Magus arcanes

If operators will get melee weapons (idk if that was true) then all the abilities that change voidblast will need to be redisigned anyway so why not go all out on actually reworking the focus system again?

What I'd like to see is some new abilities made for the schools similar to warframe ones that are interchangeable, like back in the old days warframe had abilities on mods so we can use them on 1-4 (and myb hold 5) ability hotkeys

I heard that transference was planned to be used on other things beside warframes and outside The War Within we didn't get that so it would be a nice ability to start with that would myb be located in the middle of the rest of the schools or maybe new Void school of some sort in there


Operator only game mode:

it would add Mastery Rank to the Tenno itself in which you would need to prove yourself maybe in Iron Wake which was just added as a mean to tell the story in Chains of Harrow there Palladino would help you with your powers and help you enter your mind to simulate the mission.

The mission would be a solo boss battle with The Man in The Wall. He would be undefeated every time you suppress him enough you will be rewarded with the new mr and some new arcanes for the operators also each next battle would be harder then the last and give more cores.

That way we can capitalize on the time we spend Mastering focus schools and if you use the same school it gets a bit lesser rewards or instead of sentient cores u gain focus directly to the shool you are currently using

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a tenno hellodownthere gave me an idea for a game mode
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Madurai: The Damage School

Void Strike toggle: that existing ability drains a bit more of your energy while in void mode, my take is to make it a toggle ability that drains more of your energy and give 25%/1s but caps at 6x dmg or so, when you toggle it it works just the same way and in addition make it show the multiplier like Garudas 1st ability


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8 minutes ago, AdrianPlayGame said:

If nothing else operators should have a bunch of different gimmicks like using transference on enemies so it makes it fun to play as operator outside of eidolon hunts

It's best if you just edit your original post rather than adding more posts as it can be seen as you bumping your topic (even if you don't mean to).


The focus schools are in a great place. a few examples of how i use it are...

Using Vazarins affinity range increase to increase the range of Trinity's Bless (4).

I use a self sufficient invisible Loki build (meaning that i dont ever need to use Zenurik to top up cause there's never a need to) and so i use Maduri for the + ~25% physical and elemental damage increase

I use Vazarin for Protective Dash for my Nekros and healing the Operatives in arbitrations. The insta revives are nice too

Naramon is great for solo melee runs of anything

Don't use too much of Unariu so i forget what that ones like


I hope that the operator combat does get expanded on with melee weapons and i would also love to see operator only missions, where you need to restart the mission if you fail.

Would put the stealth in the ninja, rather than running around killing everything you see like we always do, for this you need to be careful and mindful of your surroundings.

Have you tried to do an operator only spy mission ? That takes so long to do (~25 min) compared to how long it takes with a frame (shortest time ever that i can recall is 3:32 min)


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47 minutes ago, hellodownthere said:

It's best if you just edit your original post rather than adding more posts as it can be seen as you bumping your topic (even if you don't mean to).


I'll keep that in mind

Also to answer the rest of your comment, what I want to see is, like you said, the operator combat getting expanded I mentioned Naramon in the main thred and you suggest Vazarin but the problem i see in the system is that I don't feel rewarded for wasting so much time in focus farming. I would like  playing as operator to be more fun rather than being a sidekick to Warframes. Your idea of operator only mission would be intresting if it was made as a game mode I'll think of one and edit the main thred. Thanks for feedback on my feedback  :)

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