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Important: Disabling screen shake doesn't affect weapons. It's making me physically ill.


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Ok, I REALLY need the screen to stop shaking when using weapons, when i have screen-shaking disabled in the graphics settings. What's the point of having this option if it doesn't affect weapons? I assume it's there because explosions and such were causing people to have problems.
I was re-leveling Titania, and while in pixie form, the shake from her weapons was making me seriously nauseated and light headed. I had to stop every minute or so just to cover my eyes and rest just to stop from throwing up. I'd feel better but as soon as she'd start firing again, it'd come back. And i'm not the only one.

I understand there's recoil and accuracy, and recoil should affect accuracy, but i really need the screen to stop shaking before I vomit everywhere.
It's a primarily 3rd person game, we shouldn't have recoil based screen shake. Instead, when screen-shake is disabled have a second crosshair/targetting reticle. that's separate of pimary crosshair, so one shows where you're aiming, the other bounces around to where the shots land. Or even have an expanding ring, so as you shots spread, it shows a ring increase that shows how wide they'll go. I can't remember off the top of my head if warframe has that anywhere.

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