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Mag's Passive and Greedy Pull 2018


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Regardless of the useless passive ability's range ... it now became obsolete.

We still have Vacuum (even better, on all Sentinels) and now Fetch, which covers every specimen with item-collecting features and yet Mag has still that useless "vacuum"-ish thing, which, frankly said, is not effective at all.

It has an approx maximum range of 7 meters. No one needs a narrowed vacuum rank 0.

DE, please consider changing it. Add Greedy Pull as a passive + the usual "grab for all" with an option to it.

Why? Because there aren't any auto-mesa-turret/ash-storming farms anymore. You initially nerfed Mag, Mesa, Ash and Draco at once. Since that isn't an issue for years the Greedy Pull augment should rather be a passive to Mag, so people would actually enjoy using her everywhere and do people good while playing with them.


Besides of "trolls" pulling away items (like Mirage was able to destroy loot back then), give the non-pulling players an ingame option (like for the Mandachord volume from other players) which turns off greedy pull affecting their personal items.

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