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[Intentional?] Capture + Kuva + Stalker = Downed Target causes mission failed?


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Imagine a run ... on your own ... with a target to hunt, kuva siphon to deal with and a stalker who want to whoop your ass.

Hunting is easy, kuva management also, but if stalker comes to it ... S#&$ gets hot. 😄


I don't have any problems with this challenge, even with an unranked AMP against stalker, but that "dying" of the downed capture target has to go!

When did they implement this nonsense and for what reason? Seriously ... I just failed the mission, just because of leaving the target aside while taking care about stalker?



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17 minutes ago, pauli133 said:

Don't bite off more than you can chew.

Uhm... you know and can see, that those 3 event triggers occurred at the same room, where players cannot alter or predict RNG, right?


2 hours ago, taiiat said:

well, you do have more than a minute to Capture the Target once they have been knocked down.....

Sadly the target went invisible while the other 2 events were actively pushing.

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Sounds more like coincidence to me. For the next encounter you should be prepared.

The experienced Tenno would have done the following:

  1. Keep the Stalker away from mission objectives
  2. Fast-Kill the Stalker if you have the means to do so (a good amp works wonders, the Stalker doesn't like em, at all).
    If you haven't the means, let the Stalker quickly kill you instead.
  3. Return to the mission objective





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