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I love garuda but please add to her 3


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Thank you DE with this wonderfully fun to play frame, while im not really enjoying fortuna too much garuda is a much needed breath of fresh air when it comes to berserking like i love to do.  Been asking for years for valkyr changes to get a leap to rend things instead of ripline and a lot bigger claws.  Garuda is exactly what i wanted in that respect.

However my issue is with her 3. Getting a little energy for the price of half your hp feels really lacking for a skill. With the myriad of ways to already restore energy it feels like it needs to give something extra.  Bonus to the rage bar when melee 3.0 comes out maybe?  Until then even a buff to attack speed or cast speed when used would be helpful. Something to give reason to use it above what it currently does as ive barely needed to touch it except initial energy in onslaught. 

Thank you for reading ^^

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I just got an idea;

How about, giving her 3 a unique synergy with her other abilities in the next format:
after casting 3, Garuda gains ability boost charge that will enhance her next cast ability (except 3) with new/upgraded power.
casting any of her other ability will consume the charge for upgraded effect. 
Garuda can store 2 charges at a time (using 3 twice).

didn't thoroughly think about it cus I just got the idea right now, but for example, lets say that if Garuda uses the charge to enhance her 4 - she will instantly cast it at max size/range without charging.
or when using the charge to enhance her 1 - she will get some sort of defense buff, let it be increased armor, damage reduction, CC immunity or any two of them

this wait Garuda kit will synergies even better, it can fix her major flaws/problems and make her 3 the most useful ability in her kit to use it regulary

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