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Nyx Psychic Bolts Feedback


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Nyx has this problem in her Psychic Bolts,

Low damage and random. Low damage because its not enough against high level enemies with high health/armor/shield points (Low damage make her full crowd control type warframe and DE might want to keep it that way)


Random is bad for any type of abilities because its should straightforward like her Chaos ability. Targeting only few enemies but not on the heavy units is bad.

Solution :


A. Full circle psychic bolts attack

a. Psychic Bolts now is aura of energy that enemies that within the range of Nyx take Psychic Bolts overtime (Phorid's attack). This rework ability work similar to Equinox's 4th ability.


It will have base duration that fires lots of psychic bolts within nyx range until duration out.


b. Enemies within the range take more damage from warframe abilities and weapons.


c. Allow to accumulate Absorb points depending on the number of enemies within range.


d. While in duration, Chaos cost half to cast.


e. Mind Control within range gain damage buff.


f. Psychic bolts force enemies to shoot Mind Control target.




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