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A Limbo Rework Idea

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A Limbo Rework Idea thing




Rift Walk:
Limbos dodge is now a One-Handed Action.



1. Banish:
Temporally opens small Rift plane pockets to nearby allies within Limbo's Affinity range. Attacks inside the small pockets temporally disables them.

  • Small Rift plane pockets are essentially small Cataclysm bubbles that don't shrink.
  • Haven: Small Rift plane pockets follow allies.

2. Stasis:
is now a One-Handed Action with no cast time.

3. Rift Surge:
Limbo teleports to targeted Rift pocket giving himself a Rift charge.

  • Rift charge:
    Limbo can cast Rift Surge again to consuming the charge and teleport a set distance while leaving a temporary Rift pocket.
  • Rift Torrent: Killing an enemy.creates small temporary Rift pockets. Can only have 4 Rift pockets at a time with this ability.
  • Can teleport through terrain.

4. Cataclysm:
Less cast time.

  • Cataclysmic Continuum: Extends Cataclysm duration and range for every enemy killed inside it.
    The Duration and Range are effected by Ability Duration and Ability Range.

Additional Changes


Better FX while in the Rift so players can see things in the shadows.



The goal of this is to give Limbo more tools and synergy with his kit. Now most of this is just my opinion but I think the problem Limbo players often face is build diversity. Limbo is kinda locked down to his range build because his only effective ability is his Cataclysm and stasis. So that is why I primarily changed Banish and Rift Surge. Right now Banish isn't something you ever want to use because its inaccurate and its really hard to tell what is and isn't in the Rift plane. Rift Surge only exacerbates the management problem and the damage Rift Torrent gives you isn't useful in most situations so it isn't really worth the mod slot.

The general gameplay idea of this kit is to allow limbo to dash in and out of the Rift to keep himself and others alive while also doing some damage without getting blown up. Banish is a shield that can be used by others while also giving him places to jump to with Rift Surge. Then Limbo can use the Rift Charge he got from Rift Surge to move to a better advantage. And with the passive change you'll be able to shoot while dodging giving you even more freedom to move in and out of the rift.

That's about it. I hope I was precise enough with the ability descriptions to get my idea across, I'm horrible at explaining things.

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10 minutes ago, Quindecillion said:

2. Stasis:
is now a One-Handed Action with no cast time.

They need to rework this cast animation and make it so he simply snaps his finger to freeze time,that would be so awesome

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