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Amprex, Ignis, or Phantasma


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That depends, what are you fighting?

I get the general question and why it's asked: We have 3 weapons that fill generally similar roles as beam based aoe. Limited range, but innately hits multiple targets very well. They do it very different ways though, and have very different damage types.

The Amprex is a crit machine, which requires a VERY specific build with minimal room for 'personal flavor or flexability'. It's main shining point recently is being one of the best users of Hunters Munition last I checked, to spread AoE bleed like wildfire that is pretty effective regardless of scaling or enemy type, but it also doesn't innately hit AOE directly, you still have to keep a good track on your target.

The Ignis and the Phantasma are much closer together, I think the Phantasma his more like a 'broad lazer' compared to the Ignis 'Cone', Phantasma also uses Shotgun Mods and ammo while the Ignis uses Rifle. The Phantasma's Radiation default is very strong as a proc, and imo, shotgun mods are generally better than Rifle, so it has a lot more raw power coming out.

The main difference between the two functionally though, is that the Ignis has a massive clip and much more common ammo type that makes it more valuable for sustained fire against constant or beefy targets, making it ideal for Infested or Survival. The Phantasma has a small clip with a short reload time. Any amount of down time is bad, and the Phantasma's windows of it can get really obnoxious if it's the time a Charger or Ancient decides to round a corner and knock you over.

I find the Phantasma has a lot of value as the Burst Damage parallel of the three, alpha striking down the 'tweener' Grineer or Corpus targets, while keeping the crowd in check. This particularly shines against Corrupted I find, where the radiation proc keeps them busy, and the large open Orokin maps give plenty of nice places to use the Mortar alt fire when they're out of the range of your primary fire. You can also mod it to have 2 ADDITIONAL combo elements, which opens a lot diversity for target management.

Overall, the Ignis has a lot going for it as being the all round 'Good answer', if you can get the Amprex build right it'll melt end game stuff nicely, while the Phantasma has a lot of weird niche stuff it really shines in but also those niches where you can really feel the drawbacks.

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Ignis Wraith can handle level 100+ corrupted bombards in one clip without a full build. That's what I can gather from simulacrum testing. And Simulacrum testing is nowhere near to actual game testing, which I'm refusing to do because Ignis Wraith has no drawback. It is one of, if not the best, solution to 99% of the game's situations, with only Eidolons or bosses being a threat to it. Grineer? Corrosive. Corpus? Gas. Infested? Corrosive again and it's got heat damage as well.  It has good status (enabling CC through it's innate heat procs too), AoE, reasonable range, good damage and good crit. Ammo efficiency? When I tested it for raw efficiency, I held down the trigger against paused Bombards and killed 16 in one clip and I didn't even have a full build.

I find it annoying when people yell about how weapons like Gram Prime or Tiberon Prime are 'clear power creep' when this thing is still running around dealing with enemies at a longer range than the Gram and a wider area than the Tiberon with no investment whatsoever.

Here, I wrote a song about it.

'Anything Gram can kill Ignis kills safer. Ignis kills everything safer than Gram! No it can't! Yes it can! No it can't! Yes it can, yes it can, yes it can!'

'Everything Tiberon kills Ignis kills five! Ignis hits more targets than Tiberon! No it can't! Yes it can! No it can't! Yes it can, yes it can, yes it caaaan!'

"My Tib and my Gram primes both have god rolled rivens." "My Ignis has no forma, yet still it outperforms ya!"

"I can kill-most-any-thing!" "You bring the business?" "Yup" "So does the Ignis."

In brief: I don't like Ignis Wraith because it makes everything too easy with too little investment. At least most nuke setups need forma investment Even Memeing Strike Atterax needs, well, Memeing Strike. Even the so called 'OP' weapons usually require a Riven, whilst the Ignis Wraith.

I mean no disrespect to anybody who likes the Ignis Wraith, but I find it just no fun.

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