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Evolution Engine Not Responding


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This happens during the first minute of loading a mission (currently Im only playing Xini). The game completely freezes, the last sounds played loops. Its highly repeatable by slamming a melee weapon to break containers during the beginning (before the wave starts). When closing the game, the error is "Emotion engine has stopped responding".


Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit Sp1 / Windows 8 Pro 32bit

Core2Duo E8300 2.83ghz

4gb ram installed

Nvidia 9800 GTX+ 512gb

C-Media USB headphones

Realtek HD Audio ver. on-board sound (not using - crashes even more)

Home-built PC


Game runs fine if it gets past that point. but it takes two or three game reboots for it to "catch".

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Have had this problem since I started playing about two months ago.  Submitted all crash reports and dxdiag via support ticket and nothing got nothing expect the basic troubleshooting advice.  Uninstalled and reinstalled drivers.  Uninstalled and reinstalled Warframe.  Changed/lowered every setting I could.  Still crashes.


I can play other games fine.  TF2, War Thunder, Dota 2.  No crashes.  Just this game.  

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