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Warding Halo not triggering invulnerability when depeted by radiated allies


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Nezhas Warding halo is supposed to end in a brief invincibility and a burst of flames when its depleted, but if its broken by radiation affected allies (sortie etc) its just an instant kill.

Was thinking maybe its that the health runs out before the barrier (since its 90% reduction and not a complete invulnerability when up) but since my build got just over 900 health and some small shield on top of that my barrier should have broken about halfway through the health bar.





(Is Chromas running around shooting the ground with staticor around teammates and allies alike with hes damage buffs up in public enemy-elemental-enhancement:radiation counted as harrasement? surely someone bringing a frame what gets damage (and now friendly fire) from taking damage and bringing a big AoE weapon without self damage into such a match only has bad intentions).


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