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some visual effects doesn't show



I can't remember when did it started, many visual effects just not showing, like environmental hazard after destroy infested tumors, environmental hazard in sortie mission.

I tried verify game in the game launcher, didn't fix, then I redownload the game, still the same...

It's causing me many mission end up failed.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or not.

Is there is something I can do to fix it?

the picture shows I'm standing in radiation hazard, but I can't see it.y4mM_sZdivAHt-I_Ap1vhUE_rahV0gk2R5UYw4nD

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3 hours ago, 0_The_F00l said:

I too have noticed this, also noticed the coloring of some of the resource drops is different. 

I am guessing it happened in the last hotfix where they changed some of the saturation and texture of lighting. 

so it's not some files broken or wrong setting on my end then?

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