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Dargyn on Underground cave


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Apparently I found Grineer's underground Dargyns Hangaar. Caught the pilots in action, we're forced into a "dogfight" inside the cave:


After those pilots downed, I tried to ride the Dargyn, but unfortunately, I couldn't find the launch zone out from the cave (the Dargyn couldn't get out from the cave):


As an added bonus, found even Condrocs inside the cave:


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I've seen this happen and more! The Plains have been acting strange since Fortuna dropped. I've seen Condrocs perched in mid-air and flying in circles in the caves. Earlier today I saw a Grineer dropship at ground level flying in a circle. It's not happening all the time, but it's there and it was not happening before Fortuna that's for sure.

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