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bug on caves archievent in fortuna


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Yep I have that issue as well...29 of 30.

I even tried to dink around in the caves and went along the entire perimeter of each.


The system is clearly not working as intended.

I am thinking that perhaps the game has multiple check variables in it....and the one for the achievement has not been updated because either one variable isn't matching and is too high due to an internal program error, or another checking variable statement is broken, or there is a parenthesis missing on one of the nested variable lines that makes it so one of the flags is still zero.


Since there are a few people who have the achievement though, I am guessing the problem happened and was fixed and then caused again enough times that it has most likely corrupted the data....my reason I think this way, is that some clan members had the issue and then their was a hotfix and the problem cleared for them....and then another hot fix in less then 24 hours and then people said they couldn't get the achievement.

Unfortunately that means if this portion is broken this is a huge flag which means their are some other variables not working as well, and so there is probably a lot of corrupted data on peoples games

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