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After I bought Kubrodon's lure and test it directly, the Kubrodon's mark won't show on the map. Swapped with the other three animals and they all shown on the map, except for Kubrodon's. Am I missing something or bugged ? Tried get back in Fortuna and Orbiter, back again to Orb Vallis, I got the same result. 

Assumption : Oxylus with or without Scan Lifeforms maybe bugged them out ... Tried to remove Oxylus and it worked

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I think I have the same problem, all of my spawns show as pobbers if I'm solo/hosting. I have 18 pobber spawns and no kubrodon, bolarola or virmink spawns. Capturing the pobbers seems to only give more pobber spawns.

I bought the lure yesterday and managed to catch all three types of kubrodon while in a solo session, however today it seems to have broken. I also finished the oxylus but I can't recall if it was equipped the first time i found kubrodon - in any case unequipping it hasn't fixed the issue.


For the moment the fix seems to be get someone else to host (not sure if they have the lure, but assuming not given requirements).

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