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There is a way to capture the same animal twice in Track and Tranq, which means double the tags and double the standing!!!!!!!


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A friend told me some days ago that he sometimes was able to capture the same animal twice. So me and another friend, who was streaming all of this, sat down and we were able to get it once and then were trying to figure out a way to replicate it. As it turns out there is a way to replicate it to a 100% rate, which means you can always get two Tags with just one animal.


The way it works is: After you called for the animal to get picked up you enter that screen wich the description and notes and all. You do need two players to do it then.

  1. One player will stay in that screen with all the information
  2. The other player goes back and equips his tranq
  3. This player now is able to tranq that animal again which is still getting hold by that little drone since the other player didnt leave that screen
  4. Since the animal got hit by the tranq again it falls back to sleep 
  5. First player still stays in the screen and the other player is now able to call for pick up again
  6. Both players then transition to the capture screen of the "new" animal and will both get the tag and the Standing again

It is irellevent if a client stays in that stat screen or the host.


Also here is a clip of that twitch stream where we were experimenting with the glitch/bug (it is in German though).

PS: It is not necessary to press escape after you used the tranq again.

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