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Enable or not mod type on Abilities


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It would be interesting if you were able to disable or enable Mod bonus to abilities.

As an exemple,

You play frost, you have Freeze, Ice Wave, Snow Globe and Avalange. Yo don't want to apply "Range" to your Snow Globe. So you can disable it.



I feel that extra layer of customization wouldn't be overpower but would open even more the possibility of build to some frame such Trinity and Frost.

Of course this is a litlte bit confusing for new Player. I suggest the following.

  • Require at least Mastery 16+
  • Require Ressource that are already in the game that you hoard but has no use. (Gallium, Detonite Ampule, Fieldron Sample, Mutagen Sample)
  • Can be either a "update" for each individual ability (Like Catalyst) or only one abilitie. (Like Format a Slot)
  • Micro Quest to explain that possibility and how its working, not just throw it into the player face.
  • Doesn't work with negative. (So you can't disable the Efficiency reduction on Blind Rage as exemple)

Anyway give me your 2 cent about that idea.

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It's definitely an interesting idea but sometimes the positives can be negative side effects you have to live with as well.

For example, you want to have max range for your Avalanche because it benefits you but you don't want the added bubble size because it can be a hindrance when it comes to Nullifiers. It likely wouldn't be a way to have more customization so much as it would be to circumvent the inconveniences that can come with a build, even if they aren't actual negative numbers. It would just create a new meta.

That's the only reason I could see DE not wanting to implement something like this.

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It's all a matter of Specialisation causing Limitation. That's how the entire modding system is balanced.

There are almost no frames in the entire game where a single build makes everything they do function in the optimum way for every situation.

Frost, specifically, has multiple builds he can use, and each one is for a different purpose.

And that's entirely deliberate.

It's the same reason that Forma permanently applies a single polarity, and you have to re-Forma in order to change or remove it; specialisation causes limitation.

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this would make corrupted mods to OP. power efficiency could be increased to 200% and then you would simply go to all abilities and disable mod effects on efficiency. This idea is just bad, corrupted mods force you to chose one effect over the other to balance things out for whatever you prefer. Allowing people to disregard all efficiency mods is just bad. Even allowing people to get rid of positive effects is bad. It would make trintiy all the more powerfull. (duration is bad on EV but good on link and blessing)

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