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I stealthed a mission this morning.


Venus, Aphrodite.


I was using Rhino, Braton, Kunai, and Orthos.


I had a secondary objective which was Rescue.


Did the whole mission without the alarms ever getting raised (got REAL close a couple times).


That's right, I managed to escort a hostage out, WITHOUT the ship's alarms being raised. With Rhino, the biggest slowest frame of them all.


EDIT: This was with my newbie account - no hornet strike, serration, etc. just Convulsion on those Kunai.

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Stealth is HARD.

But you can totally do it.

Plus, Warframe very much has a "the best defense is a good offense/distraction" thing going for it (unless there's a frost about), which feels very "ninja" to me.

Think a little less 'actual ninja' and a little more 'Naruto', I guess.

You're S#&$ting me right? You just called Naruto ninja...that's not ninja. That's @(*()$ SHONEN JUMP.


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The Tenno are ninjas in the same vein of Ryu Hayabusa, Raiden, Joe Musashi, Hibana, and Hotsuma.


Super Natural Warriors capable of walking into a fort and leveling it. The big over the top superpowers give it away



It's less Tenchu more Ninja Gaiden.



I mean if you want more stealth ala  Tenchu, Splinter cell and Metal gear solid that's a perfectly valid want... but Ninja meaning Feudal secret agent has been displaced for a while now.

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