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Exilus Mods thoughts.


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With the fact there are so many interesting exilus mods to choose from i feel like some of them fall behind badly. Example: Battering Maneuver, Piercing Step, Rending Turn.

I feel like these could use a bit of a buff seeing as people seem to prefer the Drift mods over any other exilus ones. Unless they are doing spy or hunting resources then you use the utility. But i kinda wish the bullet jump mods could use a buff and i like the idea of being able to use the warframes movement as a weapon as well. Battering could be good for slinging yourself around shielded enemies and popping their bubbles.

Piercing for reducing damage that enemies do and rending for bleed procs.

These mods need either a buff to damage or a larger area. I feel like a lot of mods could use an overhaul as they get swept under the rug and used as endo fodder. So many more to address...

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