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Laboratory Crew & NPC Life for Dojo/Clan Rooms


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i think it would be better for some rooms and hallways in the dojos to have some people walking around, or pets, birds, bugs, and other things like that, MONSTER HUNTER WORLD did extremely well with the room decorations, and the fish for the players bedrooms, i think we can atleast have a few scientist and robots and servants who could attract newbies and also make foundries and labs more interesting/ turorials / weapons shops / modyfications / tunning of warframes abilities in the future seems doable use of rank points/credits.

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I had some back and forth with someone about the Oracle room? to be something like a hub for new players where they can get heaps of information on the factions and such.
With the Solar map and arsenal available in the Observatory I don't see why not. Only thing missing is a Foundry.

Endemic life.
Maybe the things we capture in the OW maps?
Our pets from the orbiter?

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I think we can do butterflies.
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