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Find Caches bug- found cache didn't register as found


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Doing Tier 3 bounty - had to find the 3 caches.  I was host - in a full squad.

They were all on a mountain.

We found and opened all three but one didn't register as getting opened.  Objective circle eventually narrowed to a 5meter-ish circle in the middle of the search  area where there was no cache (they were all a bit further out).

Eventually just had to abort since the caches were all opened, we all checked each one to see if any player could still open one that had already been opened but no.


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Had a similar issue with a tier 5 bountie. the circle was going in on the cache but all were found and said 2/3 were found. Full squad. not sure what triggers it but the squad had to leave to reset the bountie.


screenshots of the open caches and the locations with the UI bugged saying 2/3

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Experienced this as well. Twice in 2 missions. But we had the added bonus of the host hung when searching the already opened caches.

During the second failure we noticed the first two caches were opened by non-host people simultaneously.

Not sure what triggered the first one.

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