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Rook osprey pro K-driver xx18: Valkyr -(V-41-kyr)


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I made this piece to celebrate Fortuna release. I really want my blade runner cyberpunk aesthetic in warframe back a while ago, and by who knows grofit luck they reveal fortuna and now we step our wobbly operators foot on it. thankyou so much DE, thankyou so much fellow tenno.

Getting that out of the way, I present you: Humanized Valkyr (or V-41-kyr for the lame techies name back in the millennia) the pro K-drivers




being honest with people here, I always feel so afraid posting art here because of all the amazing work from the community, when you feel very little about your own products. But not today, I feel a little bit decent with this one and as said previously, i really, really want to thank DE and all the crews that work tirelessly growing this game from tyl boss placeholder with his upside down mask to now this grand open map with all sorts of cool (no pun intended). aesthetic in it. Thankyou DE and this piece is for-tuna....heh get it fortuna-for fortuna.... (yeah im going to stop there).

this valkyr design is based from my own take of valkyr delusion and my own palette of fashion frame:







And thats it, thankyou for checking this humble post. im not the best on doing background so I left them nice and simple, tried to color them fancy and I felt sick of it. >V>


Follow me on these socmed, post my art piece there:

Instagram: @- tempuralicious

deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/tempuralicious

Amino: @Warframe -tempuralicious


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