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Cant login to warframe/Wont let me reset password


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Hi all, I've recently encountered a problem after Warframe wasn't responding, so I closed it with task manager, I try to login with the same password and it doesn't work, so I go to reset my password and it brings me to a page that looks like a budget website without anywhere to reset password and a bunch of topics lined up on the left side without any images on a white page, I don't know what to do as I haven't given my account information to anyone and have only been playing for around half an hour today. Thanks for the help!


Edit: Was just able to log in! Thanks DE

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4 minutes ago, WarriorSoundwave said:

Today for some reason I can't login either. I haven't tried to reset my password so i don't know if that will work. it does let me login to the website and to the nexus app though. I hope whatever it is isn't serious in any matter.

Yeah its odd, I can still log on to other things also, just odd and a bit frustrating

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