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Help me understand Mag Prime abilities and combos- I just don't get her.



So I just started to level Mag Prime (level 20 currently) and I do a lot of defense missions but honestly I just do not undertstand (even after reading descriptions over and over again) how her abilities work... I build her for range (160%), Strength (145%), Mod to her Polarize that disables enemies weapons and robots, Health boost and energry. 

However I don't get for example what does her Magnetize do- it's suppose to snare enemies, but only one enemy is snared (rised up in the air) and rest just go through it.... Also my weapon bullets go through it but I don't see how the amplify Magnetize bubble at all.

Second ability her Polarize. It disables enemy weapons thanks to mod and do some damage. However descriptions says it deplets enemy shield and armor. I was using that and I never seen enemy armor to drop at all (not like Seeking Shuriken Ash for example). As I understand I should use it vs enemies inside my Magnetize to do BUM! Correct?

And her 4th- Crush- it just lift enemies and deal damage while restoring shileds- correct?

I know I miss something on her. I have seen Life of Rio video about her, however I just don't seem to grasp synergy of her abilities + guns at all.

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The Magnetize bubble does pull enemies towards it's centre but it isn't that strong a pull so you'll only really notice when enemies try to stop and shoot, instead they'll be slowly dragged.  Walking enemies will walk away slower but they'll still walk out of it.  Any shots you fire into the bubble will deal bonus damage to the target (x2.5 modified by Power Strength) and also add to a DoT suffered by anything in the bubble.  If the target dies then the bubble will explode at the end of it's duration with damage based on the damage suffered by the target and other enemies inside the bubble.

Polarize removes shields and armour based on Power Strength and also causes a small explosion from the affected enemy with damage based on the shields/armour removed and affected by Power Strength.  Affected enemies also generate glowing shards which will be absorbed by Magnetize bubbles to boost the DoT it applies.  Polarize also restores your shields and your companions shields instantly and the shields of team mates or objectives when the wave passes over them.  Recasting Polarize before it's duration ends will stop the first wave early so try to let it run it's course before recasting unless you need to hit something close by repeatedly.

Crush can provide overshields to yourself and allies in range and also does double damage against enemies in a Magnetize bubble.

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Magnetize is tool to use to kill tough enemies fast. It's not something to use against most trash as much as enemies will walk through it and they die too fast. Unless, you are playing long running camping missions you would multiple Magnetize bubbles to create death zones because even trash mobs have an insane amount of health past a certain point. It's a play style that doesn't see much use anymore. For a lot of missions - especially outdoors ones - there is either too much movement or everything is dead around the bubble in large maps to often to get much use out of the explosive effect from Magnetize.

Polarize for pretty much all of the star chart will be a good chunk of your damage. As a Mag player, your enemies shields and armor are a resource to do damage to them. So she is strong versus Grineer and Corpus and weaker against the Infested. If too many players are running Corrosive Projection, then that can severely eat into your damage that you can do with this ability especially against the Grineer. However, when enemy armor scales too high for Polarize to keep up, then you switch along with everyone else to CP.

Crush can do good damage, but it also turns into a very good CC ability with enough range. CC ends up being it's only use once enemies health scales too much for Crush to keep up. Shield restore is nice for most of the star chart. I think most players plan builds and don't bother relying on shields.

For weapons and Magnetize, look for weapons that benefit from enemies being clustered up. Amprex shines here. Other weapons that are projectile rather than hit-scan can also work very well. The most infamous examples are the Lanka and Supra Vandal. Then there are buggy weapons like the Opticor (broken bad) and the Penta (broken good). It is definitely a warframe where you need to experiment with how it interacts with things.

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