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Fishing bug where i have to guess where the sweet spot is.


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So for the past few days after a recent update if found out that i can't fish without playing hard core mode guess where the sweetspot on the bar is, in other words the bar that is suppose to appear when you spear a fish on fortuna so that you can emp it doesn't show up for me. you could imagen how hard this makes emping fish when you can't actully see when to emp them. Now there have been a few times i've gotten lucky and emped a fish or two, but not consistantly, and it's increadablly infurriating when your trying to catch the uncommon or rare ones. i'm kinda at the point of giving up on any hope of getting anything from fortuna since i can't get any of the nice weapons or even garuda without scavanged fish parts. any one else having this issue?


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