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Request: Toggle For Scarves To Cover Our Mouths


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Dear devs,


   Loved the last livestream, and awesome first look at the scarves, they look frigin amazing, especially the one on Trinity and Excalibur.


However just a small request, could you please give us the option, preferably a toggle option, to make the scarves cover our mouths like a true ninja look?


I think this option to cover our mouths and part of our neck could be the difference between having scarves that look like a fashion statement at the Paris Warframe Fashion Show, or deadly silent ninja like in other traditional ninja media.



Thank you for all you do, on the game and for us as in the community, like the live streams and stuff! Keep up the awesome work! :)

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Scarves in general serve no function except to look cool.

Debatable on multiple levels.


However, the point is that the feature has even less right of existence in this game than the scarves themselves.

Especially since it doesn't double but almost quadruple amount of required work.


Plus if you've seen the concept shots you already know that they've focused the scarves on the players back.

You won't be able to even see the mouthpiece unless you stop and rotate the camera.

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hardly doable, too many difference between "mouth" position on each frame and alt helmets for each frame.


Besides it serves no function, since Tenno heads don't seem to have eyes/ears/mouths/noses, no objects to hide/protect.


I didn't realize you work on the dev team and have intimate knowledge of both what it would mean to implement this as well as the devs opinion on cosmetic scarves "not serving any function".




Scarves are purely cosmetic. They already serve no function other than to look cool. In addition to this, ninjas have never been depicted wearing scarves simply to be "fabulous".


So while it's true that we wear helmets that are part of our frames, it is also true that scarves that don't cover our mouths/necks will look like we all of a sudden decided to start a warframe fashion show.


And who's to say they wouldn't come up with an in game lore explanation?


If they are smart they are already thinking one up for the introduction of scarves on a whole, so I don't see why they can't expand it to explain (if it's necessary) why there's an option for the scarves to be a part of the helmet in covering your mouth.



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