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Glast Gambit + infinite loading screen = no credits


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So I decided to do Glast Gambit today because I didn't really have any other quests that I wanted to do, and I go in blind and do the index missions. On the fifth match, the one where you're supposed to lose, I commit 180k credits, try to load into the mission, and the game never loads. I got the Infinite Loading Screen glitch, and the only solution is restarting the game. I restart the game, log in, and all my credits are gone. So now I have to grind out 180k credits to get back to where i was just to lose all 180k. That's so stupid, and it's ridiculous how Digital Extremes thought it was a good idea to shove this crappy mode into the throats of its players in the form of a quest. I'm seriously burned out by this quest, and am considering to completely drop the game because of small nuisances like this.

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