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Some Future Ideas For Warframe To Thrive


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With the arrival of Fortuna and Orb Vallis, comes a sense of awe at the snowy landscape. Seeing as the Plains of Eidolon was controlled, or rather invaded by Grineer, and Orb Vallis is home to Corpus groups, the only logical step forward is an open world map of Infested. I'd venture a guess that Orokin are the last for such a venture, as they are already included to some degree in both PoE and OV.

With that possible area filled with infested, much like the already full Orokin Derelict, ideas swarm much like chargers do when going for the alarm trigger of Interception missions *shudders*.

Here are a few suggestion ideas for the future. If you have any of your own, post them here, or discuss the ideas posed.

An open world where you run around on a small planet, small enough that you can see the curvature of it. Perhaps there is an array of such planets, perhaps they are asteroids and archwing is somewhat necessary in such a place, but the space retains similar  mechanics as PoE and OV. The infested keep throwing creatures down covering the surface as you try to dig into the ground (self assembly idea: dig pod {much like kitguns, boards, zaws, moas, and amps.}) While digging into he infestation-saturated world, you stumble upon a giant pulsating mass that excretes toxins into the air (boss idea: giant mollusk of infested {much like Exploiter Orbs and Eidolons}) All digging into the center to plant a massive bomb to rip the new world apart. But Infested are never that easily gotten rid of, are they? The planet rebuilds itself, stringing together broken parts of the world that once was with a giant infested being at the very center.

A race of space scavengers could inhabit the sector where the these small infested planets form, living off what gets discarded whenever the mass shifts around.

This could also be a great place to utilize the transport that uses a whole squad to fight in space, still in development, I reckon. Even if not going with the infested-themed open "space" {not like archwing where you cant land anywhere} there is potential to make archwing the breadwinner of this next venture. Just imagine building your very own archwing to fly around that space and previous ones as well, showing your days of hard labor for the parts needed to create this beautiful machine now on your back attuned to your own version of play.

Furthermore, other ideas appear from said mention of archwing. An archwing using infested parts, a creature on your back that uses jets of hot something to propel forth in space. This archwing could cocoon the player in defensive mode, and expand with tendrils to impale enemies, but also draw them in for special attacks.

Mining could be more fruitful in the remnants of a world blown up, and less fruitful when the said infested planet is still whole. Fishing could progress to bits of infested floating in space that attained a survival instinct much like the machine fish on Orb Vallis, ranking them in stages of development. Hunting seems rather specific to a world bound by gravity, but there could also be creatures in this space that are hunted, rare species living within the world, that can no longer be found when the planet is destroyed, but find their way again to live upon the surface remade.

What could be the new warframe since Nidus already exists, an infested warframe. But what if this is a hero frame that once set off to destroy all infested, only to be corrupted and become half biometal, half infested tissue, being able to cast the infested part into an enemy and control them from within, use their abilities, and be able to switch between the metal frame and the infested enemy at will. It would open such new possibilities, fighting AS the enemy, learning how they act and what abilities they can use from the INSIDE. Along with that ability to cast into any enemy, granting allies the ability to combine with it for a stronger frame, movement controlled by one, while the other aims and shoots with all the weapons to choose from.

This is a fantasy, and just a few ideas, but isn't it grand? I believe Warframe could thrive with so much more.

I might post more in here later. Let me know what you think, and post your own if you have any.

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