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Warframe Guide for New Players / Beginners / N00bs


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Very comprehensive, though I do find some problems with the formatting. I understand that you have used a black background and white text in order to better include images, but it slightly reduces the readability. Might I recommend bordering you images and using a white/ light grey background and black text? 

The main body of your text should also be in a larger font and position above each image, reserving text underneath each image for footnotes only.

Include a table of contents so users may quickly find pages / sections of particular interest (regardless of the outline google documents provides in the left hand bar)

Certain terms that users new to the RPG /  FPS genre may not know such as "CC", "AOE", "blueprints", "mods", etc. should be explained in foot notes and added to an index of terms before your references.

Remove swearing. This makes the guide appear more credible (and thus no need to include it in your disclaimer which is within the first few pages a user will read). Flavor text such as "Pokemon Warframe" not included (also remember to capitalize proper nouns).

On the note of "flavor text" I'd recommend a short introduction page following your title page explaining generally what the game is about or what you like about the game.

Keep one image to a page as it will give the impression of being a more consistent document, rather than having several images crammed into one page then the next being full of negative space. Or rather reduce image size and place multiple images side by side on one page, or move to a format (such as a slide show) that presents pages in landscape rather than portrait.

I'e recommend expanding on the descriptions of the starting frames, giving a full run down of how each may differ according to play style and a short description of their abilities. 

Also maybe include a page or two about damage types and why they matter for each faction (recommending a weapon isn't enough as a weapon with a certain build can do so much to one type of enemy yet so little to another).

Other than that, a little polishing up, perhaps some more in depth explanation, and your good to go.


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Hey, thank you for your detailed feedback, I appreciate, I will have your suggestions in mind whenever I keep working on the document.

The format is very improvised and casual, I mainly focused in including all the important info for now.

Altho, many of your suggestion like more detailed info and formatting would make the document much larger, I made it this way to keep it as short as possible, since many ppl prob won't want to read it if it's over 50 pages, but what do I know.

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