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Riven Capacity Glitch and the 3 Riven Daily Tribute Reward


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So the Daily Tribute Login Rewards system has recently been overhauled.

and it has come to my attention, that the day 850 reward of 3 Rivens plus slots, has been patched


In the Past, if you were at 90riven slots, receiving that Reward would permanently reset your Max to 93slots.*

*due to a Glitch in the script that neglected to check limits before awarding the slots

Meaning you could be at 93 Rivens and still not be considered overcapacity


However, for players today, that aspect of the script has been 'fixed'. it will no longer provide 3 extra slots beyond 90.

So we now have a pool of lucky players who have 93riven slots.

while all others who follow will have a max of just 90slots.

Does that seem fair?


I want to bring this to everyone's attention, please let DE know that slot capacity matters.

So In the interests of fairness what shall we do?

grant Everyone a max of 93 slots?

revoke the 'glitch' that let a select few have 93 and put them back to 90?




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I think it just needs to be accepted that some will be able to have 93 and others won't.  If you take away the slots you're effectively saying to those people they need to get rid of three rivens.  DE also have the limit at what they do for logistic reasons.  Plus there would be that part of me that is irked every-time I think about the cap being 93, it's just an ugly uneven number.

Sometimes people get screwed because they're the first to reach a milestone with a previously unknown bug, sometimes they benefit, that's just the way it is.

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2 minutes ago, Starfreak911 said:

...that's just the way it is. 

or... we could Not accept things as the way they are and demand a change?

The world is what we make of it.


and honestly, if the issue didn't matter to you, why bother posting? didn't you see my intention was to drum up support?

a 'vocal minority' only works if it doesn't get drowned out in extra noise.

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My issue with listening to the 'vocal minority' is that if something is changed, then there will be another vocal minority that demands it be changed back.  I'm saying that we should accept things the way they currently are in this instance is that there is no real 'right' answer.  There is a reason we have a cap and if we constantly had scenarios where the cap was increased 3 at a time, it would add up quickly.  It would set a precedent.  The other option is to take away the slots from those who have them which would be a different type of unfair.  Since the options are to either change who the scenario is 'unfair' for or to strain the servers, it's better to just leave things as they are and allow DE to think about things that would benefit most people (updates, balances, etc).

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well I tell you what

at the moment, the supposed 'strain' on servers, makes granting everyone else 93 slots a low incentive solution for DE.

But I suspect part of that, is the fact that Not Many players actually know about the 93/90 discrepancy.

If enough do learn of it, and the issue gains enough following; then perhaps the incentive for DE changes. PR vs strain.

so while there may be no 'right' answer now, there may become one if we continue making noise.


and who's to say that "things that would benefit most people" doesn't apply to riven slots? certainly the countless other threads about wanting more slots is an indication that many people think about it. You personally may not regard it as priority, but other may.

I urge them to voice that opinion now.

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2 hours ago, (PS4)haphazardlynamed said:

at the moment, the supposed 'strain' on servers, makes granting everyone else 93 slots a low incentive solution for DE.

Database rows exist only when there is an entry in it. Unless all players hit their cap, there is no storage cost.

The hassle of allocating servers is a different story as usage increases.


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Really should have just been done that this reward would not count towards the maximum that you could purchase and be the only way to hit 93.


If you got the reward when you're max was 60, then you would still be able to buy another 30 extra afterwards and hit 93.

It's pretty moronic to have it handled the way they did it, but I suppose always a chance for them to rectify their mistakes.... doubtful though.

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