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K-Drive tricks not awarding appropriate points/ count as wrong tricks


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Firstly, I noticed that when i'm on my k-drive, when i try to do tricks such as the frontside clutch planker, it just shows up and counts as a nose grab. It also happens when i try to do a frontside grabby spin and the dizzy trick. Then, when i do a nose grab, it doesnt indicate that i've done the trick at all, and does not award me any points/rep for that trick. I tried using the tricks from 

and found that the game only ever indicates grindy, copter and frontside planker/rollout for me (the rest of the tricks either show up as these, or arent awarded at all). This is quite annoying as i get more copykavats than i should, and get less rep than i should be awarded.

Secondly, there are some instances where i would end up stuck to my k-drive. When i do tricks in these circumstances, it would not award any points. Furthermore, I wouldn't be able to dismount the k-drive at all. typing /unstuck does not work, and crashing into a wall at high speeds does not dismount me either. The only way to escape it seems to be getting killed and reviving. Its also quite weird, because when i take lethal damage in such cases, instead of falling to the floor, i can walk around while bleeding out (but am unable to fire gun or use abilities).

I understand that the K-drive system is rather new, and am very happy with its addition into the game. It would be greatly appreciated if these problems could be looked into soon 🙂

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