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K-Drive Speed Mods


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After spending a couple of days playing around with a fully modded and forma'd K-Drive (with all the speed, jump and grind mods equipped), I have to say the +30% speed bonus added from the two max rank mods doesn't really make that much of a difference in actual travel times. A fully modded K-Drive doesn't really feel "faster" than an unmodded one right now, but just slightly more responsive and fluid, which means even though it does feel a lot better and more fun to do tricks with, when it comes to actual travel between bounty points and whatnot, Archwing (even without 1-spam on Itzal) or even Zenurik's Dash, Zephyr, Nova, etc are still considerably more efficient (since all of those can take a straight route to the destination instead of having to navigate around the terrain)... or a speed Volt, even.

It would be nice to see the two speed boost mods buffed a bit, possibly getting turned into R10 mods for a bit of an endo-sink and providing +75% or even +90% additional speed at max rank. That could turn K-Drives into a viable option for quick travel, and not just some random grindy fun during downtimes.

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Totally agree. Only problem is that doing tricks with 75%+ speed on the k-drive would be very difficult when it comes to chaining multiple tricks via grinding multiple rails. DE should add additional speed mods or make the existing ones multiply with each other and remove the non-boost/boost differentiation-it's kind of confusing. Make k-drive speed mods affect the entire k-drive speed, not just half of it. Then you can mod for tricks or travel.

I love k-driving, it's a much better way to travel, but right now it's vastly inferior to archwing as far as practicality is concerned. I wouldn't care too much if it weren't for teammates archwing-ing to bounties while I'm k-driving. They get there way faster than me, start the bounty before everyone else gets there and commonly fail it because they did the first 30-60 secs of it solo. That kind of behavior kind of forces you to use archwing.

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No need to make R10 mods, that would throw off more ppl for the k-drive grind.

The real problem which also doesn't make any sense is that the speed mods are not adding to one another, Example:



Extreme Velocity adds 30% K-drive base Speed

Nitro Boost adds 30% K-Drive Boost Speed

So that brings the K-drive stats to:

27.30 Boost Speed

24.30 Speed

That said if both mods are equipped and you travel normally, your speed will be 24.30 but if you boost up you go to 27.30, you will only get 3.0 extra speed by having 2 mods equipped! that's ridicolous. It doesn't make sense that by boosting up you actually lose the base speed, therefore the two mods should stack, having a travel speed of 24.30 with Extreme Velocity equipped up to a 51.60 with Nitro Boost Equipped.

Because right now someone with Extreme Velocity and Nitro Boost equipped will go at the same boost speed of someone that has only Nitro Boost Equipped -.- lets face it, who the hell is not smashing that shift button 24/7 when k-driving, and you might say ''but if i have to grind and do hard tricks i don't want speed'' yep that's gonna be a different build with different mods then, but if you build a K-drive Ferrari style to go FAST, you want it to be dem FAST!

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