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Option to disable allied heath/armor/shield


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Anyone else finds friendly/allied heath bars really confusing, especially in heated battles? Make a fast 180 turn and aim down sights, center at the head and unleash your precious shotgun shot! oh... it was a a nekro pet/moa/ally.

Please gives us the option to turn off allies health bars, seeing the name is enough feedback; also we can see the actual health on the top right on the party display and that is much much more intuitive anyway.


Here's a really poor example where I just turn and shoot at my ally, this is not the worse possible scenario, just a quick sample. I just had a very hectic defense battle with 2 Nekro's on my team and it was very, very confusing to distinguish ally from foe, unfortunately I wasn't recording.



So can we please have an option to hide ally health pet like this screenshot underneath? There's already an option to disable enemy health but that's where the choices end. At least give us the option to chance the color?



Thanks for reading.


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I've done that many times myself.

I've tried thinking of alternate ways they could display it but haven't found a very good answer. I thought about just showing it as grayed out (like invulnerable) but that may be confusing when determining their health/shields for healing purposes. 

Maybe just an elaborate border to clearly differentiate them. Maybe not the best example, but see image below. Lol


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