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Enemy spawning


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Can you please check enemy spawn frequency when exploring? I'm trying to enjoy animal hunting or fishing, but i noticed very high enemy spawn rate. Maybe i was too close to corpus base (was telling my self), but today when 5 (yes 5!) dropships spawn one after another that's a bit too much i think. It spawn, i destroy then 2nd spawn, i destroy and so on. Also sometimes enemies (not talking about small spiders, but all units) just spawn on my eyes like 20 meters away even inside caves. Another example is when trying to grind k-drive. I grind, enemies spawn so i kill them then i grind my way back and enemies spawn again on the other end of the rail. They just keep spawning every time i move away like 50 meters. I don't know, but if i want to kill stuff i do bounties or visit one of the corpus bases. When i want to relax i don't want the game to disturb me so often.

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