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Corrosive, Gas, Radiation, Viral, Blast, and Magnetic mods.


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So we have 60/60% damage/ status chance fire, cold, electrical, toxic mods. We have the 90% fire, cold, electrical, toxic damage mods. 

So how about 10 rank 30% status chance Radiation, Corrosive, Magnetic, Blast, Viral, Gas mods? I've  always wondered why we don't have these mods as an option yet. Would round off our elemental mods  nicely. And it seems like the next logical progression for our elemental mods. Would  also create more diverse builds, having more elemental options. 

And could be a drop from those new giant spider tanks in Fortuna for easy implementation. 

I hope you guys at DE read this and put it under consideration. 

Thank you. 

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