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Vauban Rework concept


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I think we can all agree that Vauban’s rework a few months ago was incredibly lackluster and did not make him any more fun to play or viable for the game’s content (which is a shame because the Citadel skin is amazing), so here are my proposals for a rework that would enhance Vauban’s viability.


Increase armour from 50 to 125 for Vauban and from 100 to 175 for Vauban Prime

Passive ability- + 75% armour for every ally in range. (40 metres)

Ability 1- Grenadier: Contains 4 different throwables with different utilities (similar to minelayer, but detonate either on impact or after a short fuse time), the throwables are as follows:

Flash- Throw a grenade that detonates after a short fuse and blinds nearby enemies, opening them up to finishers.

Tesla- Vauban’s current first ability (remove charge mechanic and grant it 100% status chance by default).

Pulse- Grenade that releases a shockwave upon detonation, sending enemies flying.

Shred- Vauban’s current shred mine but in grenade form that detonates upon impact.


Ability 2- Tech armour: Replenishes shields of all allies within range instantly and allows them to be affected by the damage resistance granted by armour for a set time. (Combined with his passive, this will give Vauban some form of tankiness)


Ability 3- Vortex: No changes other than reducing energy cost from 100 to 75. Throwing Tesla in the Vortex causes an electrical explosion.


Ability 4- Bastille: Integrate the effect of Repelling Bastille into the ability, eliminating the necessity for an augment.


Any feedback is appreciated and questions are welcome

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