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BUG K DRIVE 3d Model Parts Placement and Energy Color Lights BUG


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1.) Was Having fun in Vallis until I suddenly noticed on the placement of the K drive Back Attachments.. My Fat Boy Rings were supposed to be more behind the k drive and the  the middle part behind the feet was supposed to be way behind.. exposing its ring ( which is supposed to be a thruster ).. whats bad is that I find it Bad looking because the whole back attachments were within the Board model... 

Kindly Look at the pics in the Link


meanwhile in the K drive Loadout  ( take a look at the Fat Boy rings and the middle Thruster compared to driving in vallis )


2.)  on my loadout my K drive was named Echelon Flux... But as I used it in Vallis.. Its still named K _ drive... 
3. ) The Energy Color was blue on my K drive.. yet its still orange and it is not on the inner fat boy rings which was supposed to be... It seems like  the Orange Light  placement seems to be from the Step Tens model... would it be possible for the Fat Boys Rings have a  different light placement? somewhat like maybe light being bent simulating its rings. 

Please do shed light on this Bug... 

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