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👽🌌☄️ (Mega's 'Out of This World' Riven Shop) Stellar Riven Mods for the: Amprex, Astilla, Zaws, Atomos, Kohm, Sobek, Kitguns, Euphona P, Opticor, Arca Plasmor, Supra, Vectis, Boar, Galatine, Arca Titron, Volnus and more! (Constantly Updated) ☄️🌌👽


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Welcome to Mega's 'Out of This World' Riven Shop, please kick back and enjoy browsing my wares.

Here's a link to my riven.market profile. Keep up to date with everything I sell by checking this forum post and my riven.market profile regularly.



Riven Poster:


Key for 'Rivens (Word Format):'

Green = Positive Stats, Red = Negative Stat.

CC=Critical Chance, CD=Critical Damage, MS=Multishot, WR=Weapon Recoil, AS=Attack Speed, SC=Status Chance, DMG=Damage, FIN=Finisher Damage, SLIDE=Slide Critical Chance, INFESTED=dmg to infested, GRINEER=dmg to grineer, CORPUS=dmg to corpus.


Rivens (Word Format):

Rifle Riven Mods:


Amprex Acri-saticron: +CC / CD / MS / -WR (5500p}

Astilla Crita-satitis: +CD / MS / CC / -IMPACT (5500p}

Dera Acri-critacan: +CD / CC / MS / -PUNCTURE (3000p}

Kohm Acri-saticron: +CC / MS / CD / -SLASH (7000p}

Opticor Acri-satiata: +DMG / CD / MS / -PUNCTURE (5000p}

Arca Plasmor Acri-critacan: +MS / CD / CC / -AMMO (3500p}

Sobek Crita-acrican: +CC / MS / CD / -IMPACT (4000p}

Sobek Sati-critaata +DMG / CC / MS / -IMPACT (6500p}

Supra Sati-visicron: +DMG / MS / CC / -INFESTED (6000p}

Boar Crita-satitis: +MS / CD / CC / -INFESTED (4000p}

Vectis Visi-satitis: +CD / DMG / MS / -IMPACT (11,000p}

Vectis Crita-visican: +CC / DMG / MS / -PUNCTURE (13,000p}

Secondary Riven Mods:


Atomos Sati-critatis : +CC / CD / MS / -AMMO (3000p}

Euphona Prime Sati-critadex: +CC / SC / MS / -IMPACT (5500p}

Spectra Crita-acrican: +CC / MS / CD / -WR (3000p}

Tombfinger Vexi-critacan: +ELECTRIC / CC / MS / -IMPACT (9000p}

Melee Riven Mods:


Cyath Croni-acriata: +AS / DMG / CD / -PUNCTURE (4500p}

Dex Dakra Hexa-critatis: +SC / CD / CC / -FIN (2000p}

Dual Keres Acri-hexacron: +CC / CD / SC / -FIN (3000p}

Fragor Crita-acriata: +CC / CD / DMG / -SLIDE (2500p}

Galatine Acri-visicron: +CC / DMG / CD / -FIN (2000p}

Arca Titron Toxi-critatis: +CD / TOXIN / CC / -IMPACT (3000p}

Cyath Acri-hexaata: +CD / DMG / SC / -PUNCTURE (2500p}

Volnus Acri-hexaata: +DMG / SC / CD / -PUNCTURE (2500p}

War Croni-hexator: +AS / SC / RANGE / -IMPACT (1500p}


Sold Rivens:


Sydon Visi-critatis: +CD / DMG / CC / -SLIDE (2250p} SOLD

Rattleguts Toxi-acricron: +TOXIN / CC / CD / -ZOOM (5500p} SOLD


Thank you for sticking around and have an amazing day! ❤️

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