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Akvasto Prime Builds



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Hybrid Crit + Status.

Akvasto is a rarity however in that Viral + Slash is viable and if you wanted to invest in the Primed Bane secondaries which are a little more niche than the primaries it would be quite good since Bane mods currently double dip into DoT effects. 70% Slash weight is around the cusp of Bleed builds. There's of course Primed Quick Draw or Hydraulic Crosshairs for that last slot as well.

Otherwise the normal 90% + 60/60 x2 Corrosive for armor works. With an Avg status trigger of 1.355 per shot Gas is viable against Corpus though you could also do Hydraulic and Pure Toxic. For Infested of course 90%x2 Corrosive + Primed Heated Charge.

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